Yelena is a main character that appears in the series. Through unknown reasons, Yelena became a powerful witch capable of living forever.

At some point in the 21st century, Yelena came out as a lesbian and met Gretchen, a beautiful supermodel and both fell in love with the other.

Despite her bisexual status, Yelena often has sex with men when Gretchen isn't around.

She is played by Australian actress and complete knockout Phoebe Tonkin.

History Edit

"God, you are so sexy..."
-Adam as he has sex with Yelena.

Yelena appears in "Broken", depressed after Gretchen cheats on her. She meets a man at a local bar named Jake, who starts hitting on her, saying that he usually doesn't hit on women;they hit on him. Yelena rolls her eyes at his pickup line before giggling.

Despite being gay, Yelena ends up hooking up with him before seducing him, asking him to follow her home. Once the two make it to Yelena's bedroom, the two start aggressively kissing and taking off each other's clothes, Adam saying Yelena is "so sexy", Yelena giggling at his remark. He shoves her onto her bed and kisses her breasts before kissing down her body, Yelena leaning her head back and orgasming. After being tempted into sleeping with him, she was left dissatisfied by his performance.

Phoebe Tonkin post-sex

Yelena after having sex with Adam.

After the two wake up the following morning, Yelena says, "I was trying to sneak out before you wake up and I realize what a mistake this was." They begin to comedically argue about how Yelena manipulated him, and she laughs it off, stating, "You wanted to get in bed with me because I have big boobs, and I was emotionally vulnerable". He angrily gets dressed and leaves, saying that he'll be back for "another round".

Yelena & Gretchen Edit

One notable trait about Yelena is the fact that she's a lesbian, and is in an extremely passionate relationship with Gretchen, a beautiful supermodel who immediately became an item of Yelena's affection.

Phoebe Tonkin and Candice King

Yelena childishly pouting at Gretchen

Yelena "captures" her and ties her up before cruelly tickling and sexually touching her for hours in order to unlock Gretchen's dormant magical powers. Yelena manages to seduce Gretchen, resulting in the two becoming lovers and inseparable soul mates.

On a regular basis, the two tickle and have sex with each other, seemingly at random and for little reason.

Physical Appearance Edit

Hayley close up

Yelena was notorious for her beauty...

Yelena is a beautiful female Witch with light olive skin, hazel-green eyes, and dark brown hair. She is tall with a lithe, athletic figure. She is described as "wildly sexy" and "gorgeous." Her style is natural, relaxed, and comfortable, favoring an earthy color palette with plaid and floral prints. Often she pairs soft, feminine pieces with more utilitarian items made of leather or denim, such as belts, boots, or jeans. She usually wears her hair loose, sometimes with a headband.

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