Shroud is a slightly antagonistic Controller who has the power to create and manipulate shadows.

In the series, Shroud sells Agent Succubus out to Yin and Yang, who torture her to death. Prior to her death, Shroud is tied to a street lamp and tickled by Agent Starlight, humiliating her.

She is ticklish on her armpits, belly, sides and breasts.

She has a very low tolerance for tickle torture.

She is played by Megan Fox.

Biography Edit

Shroud first appears in Pilot, robbing a bank and flirting with a male hostage. Before the two can get more comfortable, Agent Starlight intervenes, throwing her against a wall, knocking her out. She then takes Shroud to a prison located under Agency HQ.

Shroud isn't seen again in the series until Starlight humiliates her by tickle torturing her in public as an interrogation method to find Agent Succubus, who has recently disappeared. Due to her low tolerance for tickling, Shroud doesn't last too long, and breaks, telling Starlight where Agent Succubus was taken. However, she arrives too late, discovering Agent Succubus dead in Yang's arms.

Physical Appearance Edit

TMNT April sexy 1

Shroud is a very attractive young woman with light blue eyes, full lips, dark hair and a slim figure. Fully aware of how pretty she is, Shroud often flirts with her hostages for fun.

Shroud's sexual orientation is heterosexual, though she was aroused by Starlight when she tickled her breasts.

Powers Edit

  • Shadow creation/manipulation: As a result of being exposed to the Controller Virus, Shroud gains the ability to create and manipulate shadows. She can use this unique ability to ensnare her enemies as well as create tendrils to attack people.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Tickling: Like every other character in the series, Shroud is very ticklish, which is used against her by Agent Starlight, who tickles her in public, greatly humiliating her and forcing a confession out of her. When Agent Starlight put her hands on her breasts, she seemed aroused, hinting a sexual attraction to the redheaded agent.
  • Extreme focus: Shroud requires extreme focus to use her power of manipulating shadows. Otherwise, it won't work the way she wants.
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