Jack Andrews was an undercover agent under Yin and Yang's watch, posing as an accountant for the Agency.

Biography Edit

One night Jackson approached the Liaison in a pub and tried to seduce her, offering her a drink, but she flirtatiously responded to him that she had "a better idea" and mischievously smiled before dragging him outside to make out.

Jack hitting on the Liaison

Jack trying to seduce the Liaison

However, as they were kissing, it got intense, as he started kissing her neck and chest. She noticed his wedding ring and tells him that "she won't tell if he won't". Intrigued, Jack pushes her against a wall, telling her to tell him one of her secrets to be even; in response, she whispered in his ear before Yang walks up unnoticed and uses her ability of fire manipulation to set him ablaze, killing him.

She then stole his fingerprints in order to access all the files of each Agency member. She then orders Yang to capture and tickle torture Agent Succubus.

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