Broken is the third episode of the Yelena arc.

Summary Edit

After Yelena witnesses Gretchen with another woman, Yelena ends their relationship.

Plot Edit

Phoebe Tonkin seduction face

Yelena being seduced by Jake

The episode opens with Yelena ordering a drink at a bar, receiving light flirtation from the bartender, but she ignores him. After downing her drink, an attractive man named Jake approaches her. He hits on her, but unlike the bartender, she's flattered by his method of flirting. He offers to "flatter" her more, receiving a smile from her. Cut to Yelena's house, where the two are vigorously kissing and taking off their clothes. Jake lays Yelena on the bed and kisses her before kissing a long trail down her body.

strolls in as another member lifts
Candice King tied up 1

Gretchen hanging painfully from the ceiling by her wrists, helpless and alone...

Gretchen isn't as fortunate. She's hanging from the ceiling of a building by her wrists, groaning from the uncomfortable position. A member of the Witch Hunters strolls in, wanting to know Yelena's whereabouts. However, Gretchen still loves Yelena and refuses to talk. Shortly afterwards, another walks in and starts tickling Gretchen's feet with a brush. Gretchen screams in agony and struggles in her restraints.
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